Mushie baby shampoo & shower, lavendel, 400ml

Mushie’s shampoo & body wash is uniquely developed for the delicate skin and scalps of babies and children. The gentle formula prevents dehydration while it softens and moisturizes the skin and scalp. The fresh Lavender scent adds a floral note to bath ti

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Mushie Shampoo & Body Wash Lavender details: 

  • Contains 400 ml 
  • Cruelty Free
  • Fragrance: Lavender 
  • Suitable for daily use for ages 0+ 
  • Made in Denmark 



How to use the Shampoo & Body Wash: 

Add a small amount to the bathwater or hair. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use with Mushie Baby Oil or Mushie Baby Lotion to achieve extra soft skin.